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The Next Step

The Next Step
has always come to me.  
Even if I ignore it
It whispers in soft voice
never leaving my side
even though I fight it.

Some steps are easy to take
some steps require all of my effort
and even then I may fall short.  

First it was quit my job.
Then it was give up my TV.
Now it is sell my house.
Each step has been better than the last
though this Next Step is proving
the most challenging yet.

After all, it has been 10 years in this place.
I know it well; the sights, the sounds,
the people, the neighborhood.  
It is my 'creature comfort'.  

But as an animal grows used to its cage
so I have grown used to mine
and have used comfort as an excuse to
stop my growth.  

I think I moved to the suburbs
much too young.  
The beckoning now calls to me from
unrealized fruitions of times past and
market dynamics.
It might not be the sexiest of reasons
but it is the perfect storm.

What is after this?
That is the hard part -
I have no idea.  

Part of me wants to
Plan and toil and sow
And make what comes next
My own endeavor and my own purpose.  
But in my journey I have realized
I am in unison with this wise Guidance
But not above it.
If I attempt to control and manipulate
I will talk myself into staying.
Or make a move off the chosen way.  

I sat with TV in my house for so long
Though it felt so uncomfortable.
It was not a bad thing in and of itself
But for whatever reason it was
Against what I value.  

When I sold my TV
I felt trepidation and fear
But also elation,
For I was following the path.  
I gave up what was comfortable
For what was uncomfortable;
The known for
The unknown.  

I fear that if I do not move on
From this place I know so well
The same will happen.  
My years will grow stale.
I will have a good life
But not the life meant for me.  

So thus, without knowledge of
Where the Next Step may lead,
It is time to follow the calling
Of the Still Small Voice
Which beckons and calls me forward.

The Next Step will reveal
The Next Step thereafter.  

It is the path unknown
But it is my path all the same.  

  • MR, 7/2/18


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