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Showing posts from March 5, 2018

Bastion - 12/21/16

I’m learning And growing Understanding a process By staying young. I’ve denied passion And excitement - Traded it in for Comfortability and calm. But I grow restless In such a situation All of me pleading for a challenge. What is it about man That balks at contentment And seeks some unknowable Future of risk? Perhaps it is just me. I’m comfortable here But not growing - Wholly satisfied But wanting more.   It is not unabashed greed But rather the understandable excitement of living That pushes and pulls me onward to Places I’ve never been. - 12/21/16, MR

Hard Mode - 3/30/17

So many choices but which to pick - I'd not want the journey to end so fast. Easy is for the kids who don't yet know the way; certainly not the difficulty I would choose to play. Medium is for the person who longs for surprise, more often succeeding than meeting his demise. But me, I am different and I am not sure why; for I'd like the toughest path - almost certain to die.  But once defeated to rise again Starting once more - one more defend.  Did I choose Hard Mode or did Hard Mode choose me? "No matter" I mutter I'd play this hard for free. -MR, 3/30/17