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Showing posts from December 30, 2017

Whitened Landscape - U.D.

The whitened landscape before my eyes shimmers bright in the midday sun; the tiny flakes are gently falling - I pray and I pray, let them come.  The steady breeze drops them forth where fate has destined so.  I sit in silent meditation and gain understanding from the falling snow.  -MR

The Poem - 1/15/16

Written word the thought inferred just pen and paper Here.  To what I say I would write today and vanquish every Fear.  I would expect but not respect an orator over Prose. To which he says, "Hear my voice!" Surely blabbering wherever He goes.  I am only here a brevity of while Trained to seek and wise in guile, but my quest at a soul's behest is to live honest, wise, and true; All along seeking to write for me - and for you.  -1/15/16, MR