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Online Dating - 11/18/17

It seems like this world of online dating is for shallow people with shallow dreams. “Beauty is soul deep” they say but not when you are defined by a handful of stilled images. “Am I fuckable?” is what the seekers are truly asking, judging their worth on a point scale where Appearance > Soul. But I want a man (insert woman) who is kind, loving, and sweet. Translation = an ‘8-10’ in the world’s eye. Biographies that say something albeit nothing about who the person truly is. “Hey there” might just be the scariest two syllables in the infinite space of the internet for the hopeful inquisition can be and is often met with a deafening silence. “Am I fuckable?” It appears the answer is no. Heart hurt. These are real people, with real lives, with living souls. Can callousness be so cliché? Or normalized? Sensitized? What say you? -MR, 11/18/17