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Showing posts from October 14, 2018

The Universe's Little Reminder

I am immortal, omniscient, and powerful. My legacy will live on in perpetuity. The snow is gently falling outside and so am I. Rising too quickly I lose my balance and stumble head first into a wall. I catch myself before anything happens. Anxiety and trepidation fills me as I realize I am not eternal. I stand for only a few moments, collecting myself, contemplating life, and existence. I am a mere breath, a wisp in the cosmic scheme of things. Will I live on? How will I be remembered? As a tyrant or as a saint? Surely somewhere in-between. As my anxiety fades a humbleness ensues. A gentle reminder that time is not infinite and all I can know is brevity. What will I do with this little reminder? -MR, 10/14/18