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Showing posts from October 23, 2017

Cotton Tree - 05/16/12

Cotton tree in front of me it is early spring yet you snow. Don’t you know how seasons go?- It is seventy degrees yet I’m reminded of freeze and life gone dark and dormant. Do you regret Your subtle behest that your soundless white flakes should fall? -          MR, 5/16/12

Cascading Rays - 05-28-10

Cascading rays stay away I would like to sleep some more. Oh but how I need you now to rise me up before. It is not a dreamless state my comatose is brought about. It’s rather real abdication so I scream and shout. Fantasy, Reality to the deep there is truth. Foolish reason in sleeper’s wake, a desperate, youthful season. -          5/28/10, MR

Carelessly - 05/16/12

Carelessly I begin to try extend myself to the eternal. Through actions and deeds I unwittingly plead for but a few more moments infernal. My step rushed My gaze clutched I grasp at air believing it firm. But then I see there is much more to see and much more to me and what I yearn. I sit and listen begin to christen the new desire and power of but a moment. -          MR, 5/16/12

Busted - 11/13/08

Busted mind Come to find What makes You you Isn’t true. It’s diabolical It’s chronological Arranged in a way With no say Of normalcy, Of divinity Its creation Is fucked, Ruined, Ragged, Jumbled mess Nothing less Than unique, Obsolete; To cure the curse Reach thy purse And surmise The working prize- “Cash is king” So they sing The very thing Landed you here; Now you fear Your escape The destined fate Is a life of Pills No thrills Inadequacy rules You Forever. 11/13/08, MR

Brevity - U.D.

My time here is short I may not last the day. Courage come forth - I will say what I say. Brevity’s friend is infinite time for without eternity we cannot find The reasons for all the madness and hate Curious if it’s manifest fate Or perhaps an anomaly from so long ago- this much is certain; no one will know With absolute truth, at least if they’re honest. -MR,

Boxed caviar - 09/03/10

That’s all we are Riding express To get there in time. To what? I ask – Simple tasks And monotonous Revelries. There’s more than this Repetitive bliss Each day does not have to be the same. -          MR, 9/3/10

Blind Guides - 12/12/08

Angered voices do protest Against you, they do contest They see your faults and not your right They drag you down with all their might. They jab so close behind your back You feel the stinging, venomous attack They care not for your beautiful dreams Only status quo and the way things seem. But my son, of this I’m sure They know not what their lives are for Their souls have died so long ago They have not friend but only foe. Listen not to what they say They don’t even know their way Seek and find a path that’s true seek and find a life that’s you. 12/12/08, MR

Bleeding Account - U.D.

The static sets in, but now the heart beats, Longing for closure of these fastened wounds. Nagging its beautiful, lacerated center Is a cry for healing, a plea for the clotting to begin. It is time for the end to all the pain before, But somehow, somewhere, this cut will not heal. Begging resolve, groaning desire both fail As the truly inevitable begins to divulge its truth. “You cannot prevent my long-awaited torment.  You will not stop this aggravated assault.  What you have asked I have so mercifully provided.  You shall not leave me now.” Beginning again and intensifying more Are those damning thoughts and regretful woes Of a life seeped in meaninglessness And an existence of nothing Fully etched into a past Which speaks of a fate. No, the bleeding cannot be stopped. No, your own story is now written. Take heart, take care, for your time is come.

Bleeding - 09/20/06

The sun bleeds red Just at sunset. The eve is filled With regret. The moon shines forth Ensconced in white. The fiery stars shimmer For man’s sight. The wind sweeps down Across the plain. All life sleeps – Sleeps in vain. 9/20/06, MR

Billowing Call- 11/22/09

Billowing call I’d lose it all Only to see again That where I stand Is unplanned Rhymed reason. Sometimes I think Unobtrusive ink Could solve the issues of the world But then I see What will be And I understand everything. -          11/22/09, MR