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Showing posts from March 19, 2018

H.P. - 12/21/16

HP, open me - be it slowly or quickly to the world at large. I'm here, there and yearning to be born anew.  My emotions are flustered - all of me in upheaval over a future that is uncontrollable. I seek to let go and trust in your Guidance but I'm not sure how.  Your place though is better than No place.  Starting anew Moment by sweet Moment.  -MR, 12/21/16

On Finding - 5/10/17

Help me to find The rewind Button.  Press it so hard and go back a few years to when I knew What I know and truly understand Bliss. But then again I would not be me I would not have learned all that I am now.  The lesson would be the same just repeated in a different state, a different mind - a new me.  I seek something I never truly had; I am in the past when only Present Exists.  Three years is a long time gone by when it seems like just yesterday in Memory.  But I must forget you, forget us, forget all we knew; Rather reframe and retrain this brain, and this heart, so that I can Love anew. MR, 5/10/17