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Showing posts from February 11, 2018

It is Time

I'm here though it is the last place I want to be. I want to Soar Explore Do More - Be. This place, here, is not me, I am not free to explore, or implore Life to my side. I am fearful of what is next without this place. Though it is as a bad lover, there is a part of me who holds this place Dear. But that place is Fear - that place in me is unrequited repression a tepid obsession of someone who does not desire Change. Perhaps I hold onto Lost Love or a childhood past. Part of me is struggling to give up that which no longer serves. I have outgrown my current life; to stay is to die to explore is to fly. My soul will be the judge manifesting through my day-to-day. It is Time. -2/1/18, MR