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Gentle Breeze - 07/15/2010

There I am, staring up something catches my eye- A strong breeze, sways the trees But one stands idly by. Its movement sparse if at all against the moving cloud, it is either dead or dying, Perhaps haughty or proud. Its brethren swoop and dance to the rhythm of the breeze- their green foliage shimmers bright with such passion and such ease. To my ears, sweet music is made as I sit in the gentle shade Mesmerized. -7/15/10, MR

Gripped Tight - 02/22/2011

Gripped tight I put up a fight but all my resolve begins to absolve. A conscious ramification thrilled from dissipation resonating the viewing eye and keeps me idly by. My commitment is to something not someone but I can break it. I think. God why is this decadence known in relevance that the very thing I try to escape is the thing I am unable to hate? I love the chains that bind I love the control on my mind I love that I cannot find myself apart from it. -          MR, 2/22/11

Happenstance - 10/06/2011

Your heart tells you what it knows to be true you surely know what it is you must do take care, pay attention, and listen well for heedlessness can cause a soul to fell. The journey grows with each resounding ‘yes’ and your love with grow with each passing test arriving at the place with feels so serene you can finally know exactly what we mean. -          MR, 10/6/11


I was at a bonfire the other night And I did see a familiar sight; All other eyes were cast around, But mine were cast heaven bound. Before my eyes, I did see A shooting star streak for me! I looked to tell upon their faces But their minds were in different places – I alone was witness to That shooting star they never knew. -MR

Her - U.D.

I saw her there Begin to bear The burden of my immaculate scrutiny. The body first, Then came the thirst To drink of a better form. She hides herself, Her one true wealth; She displays not her soul for me to see. If I asked her why, she’d probably cry, then utter, “I want you to take it from me.” I deserve, With all my nerve, To die a thousand deaths, To see the sun rise no more – In a place of sorrow Veiled from tomorrow Bearing those sins of love before.

Here These Walls Have No Bricks

Here these walls have no bricks, These cells have not bars, This place has no captivity Other than the prisoner I give. I long to be set free Domineered no more, But though the guard is away And escape within grasp He soon returns to shackle My now barren soul. -          6/13/09, MR

Funny How - 10/05/2010

Funny how only now I realize my day is done. Ten o’clock I must stop Sleepy eyes have won. Never can, never will These precious minutes return; Idly cast wasted en mass Time is so stubborn And stern. Might I reason by To draw out an extra day? Brevity come, but must I shun Leaving life along the way? -          MR, 10/5/10

Frozen - 11/13/2008

The ice unthawed I jump on in believing it ok. But as I tread I fill with dread for the water freezes again. To escape I see my fate drowning as thickness comes. There am I frozen by things I have not yet done. -MR, 11/13/08

Fourth - 02/12/2011

Lying naked with stillborn faith he asks her, “have you ever done this before?” A hint of sarcasm traces his lips. It’s all bullshit you know. The cycle continues despite your best efforts; the circle must come full once more be it in hours, minutes or days. Nearly always 30 though. Dammit this is so familiar yet so distant because once you know the truth you can never escape. Protected something other than the heart- no beat will be here- no emotions too Just a soul, thinned from wear and abuse absent mindedly praying while the guard pays no attention. He knows he should not abuse his prisoner but he cannot help it for he created or was created this way. she answers “yes.” Then you will get top dollar dear until you are fun no more. -MR, 2/12/11

Foresight - 04/18/2008

At one time I prayed, At one time I strayed, Back to the middle I find myself again. Unappeased by it all I continue to fall Without regaining My resolution. Will it end, My good friend, In good life and love Or death? -          4/18/08, MRamey

Fifteen - U.D.

Your sweet disposition And gentle frame Condition my heart To long for the caress. Your sweet bosom Is like the freshness of noon-day clouds; Your smile like the light Radiating from a thousands suns. It is now that my heart Sings of your praises, It is now when my being Exuberates its affection. It is now.

FEARS - 05/21/2010

Hate Ghost unwarranted rejection Hope sober reality Fantasy Fuck protruding time eternal but limited disciplined Confusion consuming drowned limited focused determined Straight wall overwhelm fated How? Why? reasoned scope Dreamed unclear wandering wondering treatment new self Pray God responsibility dead alive struggling strained unable wall other side grass fuck someday today now here there here now Present future past Present Present Present pressure Present now later NOW Fear FEAR -          MR, 5/21/10

Faith - 07/06/2009

Faith is inexorably tied to reason In the fact that reason is logic And logic is reality And the reality of all things Is that man cannot live without faith. For to deny the impossible Is to reject the possibility That there is more that meets the eye, Than the senses can tell. For man’s entire hope and purpose Is made firm in Faith. -          MR, 7/6/09

Fair-Weathered Friend - 09/28/2010

An old friend and I spoke A few minutes, they passed by, It was then I suddenly realized Our friendship was a lie. Two months here, three months there So ever far between We spoke in muted tongues Our apathy felt yet not seen. How much life had we invested By each other’s side- Hours a day, days a month, months a year, Our hearts were open wide. But now our calm and cool demeanor Hides the ugly truth We forgot the best of times And forgot our fleeting youth. Now grown up and slaves To the corporate man, I am so ashamed to admit I have forgotten who I am. I want the cool and easy drive Down the ocean shore, I want our games of H-O-R-S-E, I want our stupid jokes, I want our hours of wasted TV, I want our shared struggles, I want it all. But times have changed And though I want Many things of the past, I do realize, my fair-weathered friend, We were not made to last. -          9/28/10, MR