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Am I Knocking?

I knock There is now answer. No sound. I knock once more. This time I hear footsteps and the creaking of wood floor. An old man appears at the door. He is in tattered and worn clothes and he looks like he has not slept in days- maybe months. We stare for but a moment. But before I can speak, he says, "There is nothing here for you." I have a lost look on my face yet I know he is right. I begin to mouth a rebuttal but he calmly and re-assuredly says to me, "There is nothing here for you." He then shuts the door. This is all I have known. Discouraged, yet with a glimmer of hope, I turn away to face the busy street. Just then the bright sun hits my face. It has always been bright, warm, and radiant but I have not always seen. In that moment - facing the rising sun - I am filled with expectation, excitement and thrill and I am ready with love for what adventure this way comes. MR, 6/19/18