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Your Name, Please - 12/3/17

I see you and it is like you see me too.  We are both lost here in our mutual pain.  We are both craving for something - longing to feel nothing - albeit our ways to the same end are different. I hide in the shadows while you display yourself for the world to see.  I disconnect - You connect - though others would surely not see the difference.  You struggle so hard to feel something, anything - that unless you are actively dying life has no reason.  I do not judge but rather empathize, realize, understand- we are cut from the same cloth and in this journey Together; it is only our masters who are different. I used to believe that if I were not you would not be. How egoistical a statement that as I go, so the world flows.  Things were set up from whatever or whomever started this great journey - we being players in the great Cosmic Rendition.  We are both here for reasons and for a purpose unrevealed to either but becoming clearer by