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Showing posts from November 10, 2017

Lost Here - 11/14/16

Succumbed wit; I cannot quit for on the morrow could mean the end of sorrow.  Probably not, as I have sought an end to this thing before.  I ask now, with furrowed brow - "must the way be so taut?" Fear not, I have come to believe, though deceived in madness, or perhaps gladness- there are no well wishers in the place.  I am in distaste in this space so it goes on down below. Seek and ye shall find though blind, your reason leads and darkness feeds when perturbed absconded with the 'feels'.  -MR, 11/14/16

Greener - 11/14/16

Thousands of miles away everything is new except for my soul. I envision decadent revelries encased in deep forgetfulness of all I hold true.  Lying by my side are drugs of flesh- paid help- though no love lost here.  I assuage my guilt, my shame through fellow sufferers.  They look but do not smile- they perform but do not care. I get all of what I want or so I dream- Love without the Love.  -MR, 11/14/17