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Showing posts from November 12, 2017

Traveler - U.D.

In the window as do I thinking, staring, standing by remember when I was focused before all along wanting more.  A suitcase in hand a destination in till, vacationing consciousness I need a thrill.  So I grab the luggage to begin my way, with no destination and no man to pay.  Where I go I cannot know But simply stated I understand so there is absolutely nothing we have to fear- for we are all merely travelers here.  -MR

Breakthrough - U.D.

It comes in waves, as though crashing on shore- it feels so sudden but its birth is eternal.  It comes upon me as a wind swept dune or a slowly winding river.  Erosion takes place- the former is washed away- a new neural system is open and I am new.  -MR