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Blurred - 5/1/18

How it goes so many know It only takes but a moment in time to become blurred. Path inferred - Love deferred - I see you now with recognition and blurred pixelation.  Once so close, now my only knowing is that you last viewed "many days ago."  But how many days? Are you still here? Do you remember our decadent nights? And fearsome tribulations? I do.  And I will always remember how, when others rained on my name, you stood up for me.  I was not there but would like to imagine you, in your solitary position, backed by a feisty demeanor, telling the others collectively to shut their mouths and go fuck themselves.  I can only imagine the awkwardness of that moment but in there I was so proud to have you as my friend.  Your courage and tenacity impressed me that day and I swear I'll never forget.  Though we have not spoken in many years, now, looking at the scantly recognizable image of you, I can only remember and rejoice in the