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Perspective From A Lounged Position

In not so long, I will be gone. Why then is my survival instinct so strong? Perspectively, if the earth is infinity My time is surely the blink of the eye. Yet upon reflection, I use protection to keep my vulgarities from the pack for the lone wolf rarely survives the season or so the story goes, But who knows, I mean who knows for sure? F.E.A.R. is the mechanism by which I justify my bubble avoid any ‘trouble’ and live and die in sequence passed down from generation to generation - learned as well as genetic not to mention the frenetic pace we all race when we finally realize our own demise. But the ignorant are king for they laugh and play and sing Mostly unaware of anything- or maybe they are aware but choose not to care which if you ask me is true bliss and right. For F.E.A.R. is fright and through brevity seems infinite it is finite to the sum of zero or as near zero as mathematically plausible. I am here yes, but I’m actually already gone; not that th

A Divine Purpose That I Cannot Understand

Here I crumble, here I sit, Cursing now, “I am so sick of this shit!” It has been with me now for too long Making me weak when I should be strong. “I am but a man, an imperfect one,” I cry Choosing to believe my own made up lie. I understand exactly what I want; Nothing.  Nothing. “I need to take it easy on myself, I need to hold back, positively phrase, those words and those questions I so desperately raise.” But to tell the truth, I have come to discover, What comes around once, will come around another time Albeit a different day and different place, There is no need to save this face From melancholy moods or desperate stares, I know what haunts me, I know what cares I keep upon these shoulders though they grow too frail, “Give it up to someone or something, before I surely fail!” Well isn’t that the most amazing, Awesome, Super, Radiant, Revelation of them all. If only it were that easy. I have cast these burdens, these vices of m

A Different Direction of Some Other’s Mind (Soul)

What I thought was for me, Crafted for my concern, For my attention, My love, I found to be public knowledge Given to anyone. This revelation of sorts, Brought me back to know, Back to see, To hear, The essence of all things, Is unneeded fear. Because if it was of love, As I believed it indeed, I believed it should, Believed it so, Than that fear, We would never know. -          9/11/08, MR

A Change For The Better?

The flurried winds of snowy flakes bellowed voice exasperates; The changing season yet to come whispers now its time is done. In short due all will see Eyes to open carefully Recognizing that throughout A different time has come about. 11/13/08


One can be trapped by 50,000 reasons or more depending upon the education or ability to bullshit. Me?  I'm the same; trapped by my own success. 1/30/09


The rhythm of the rock in my hand Repeats “Blue Teal Green” But I see no colors Other than those colors we want to see. My mind is painted in red blood red murky with corroded fissions and deep engraved tissues- Will this junk ever wear thin? I’m tempted beyond temptation and God only knows what’s fair. I guess I’m no judge no priest nor prophet and collections are due when there is nothing left. I’m open to the new order of things I rock my chair back and forth waiting for the change to come. Disappointment runs rampant when effort is apathy not due to lack of want but rather from exhaustion of it all. I’m tired and I want to go home. But I’m already home yet this is not where I want to be- am I lost? -MR, 10/30/12