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Showing posts from August 2, 2018

The Call

Disarray is my voice all of me is in Upheaval, but to what end? A solemn future or wandering cascades of matured dreams? I am open to everything as I wait for the next step to show itself.  It is as a curious doe startled and stunned with my Movement. The next step watches from afar, speaks softly so I must strain to hear.  If I miss it it becomes quieter  Though it never fades.  I soon must strain to listen a pin drop on a pin.  But the call is louder than ever. In this place of relative nothing there is Everything.  In this place of profound change there is inordinate growth.  A Slumbering Energy has been awoke and though I seek to tame it, I spin in so many directions. The energy is so strong, so powerful, so all consuming, that I am afraid to fully commit because the results might be more than I can currently handle.  But I am alive once more.  I am seeing once again though as for the first time I was called onto something greater.  What i